Moving From an Apartment to Your First Home On Long Island

Your little apartment has been good for awhile, and it’s served you well. But now, the time has come to move into your first home—and I couldn’t be more excited for you! For many of us, home represents security, belonging, and identity. Becoming a homeowner will enrich your life!

If you are moving from an apartment in New York City to a home on Long Island, I welcome you! There are several steps involved in moving from a small space to a much larger one, and I want to make it as smooth a transition as possible. Come along with me as we discuss the steps you need to take when moving to Nassau or Suffolk County on Long Island. 

I have been working in real estate since 2017, and I previously worked in business in NYC. My focus for the past several years has been on residential homes, and I take great satisfaction in helping you move from an apartment to your first home.

Benefits of Moving Into a Home

Benefits of moving into a new home on Long Island

You’ll enjoy many benefits when moving into your first home. The first that probably comes to mind is the larger space. You will probably have bigger kitchen and dining areas, and possibly a few more bedrooms and bathrooms than you had in your apartment. A basement and attic will probably increase your overall storage space. 

Moving into a house also allows you to have your own yard, driveway, and garage, rather than sharing a common space with other apartment-dwellers. This added space increases your sense of belonging, ownership, and personal responsibility. It also affords extra space for entertaining, working on hobbies, or growing your family.

Added Responsibility of a Bigger Home

When you move out of an apartment and into your first home, you take on new responsibilities. Some of these are obvious, but some you may not have thought of yet. While responsibility can be daunting, don’t let this list dissuade you from moving! Each item listed here is an opportunity to embrace the next stage of life. While the transition can be bittersweet you don’t have to do it alone. If you are interested in community resources or recommendations for help with any of these responsibilities, please let me know! I am well-acquainted with area resources, having worked in the Long Island real estate market for many years. 

Maintenance For Your Long Island Home

Unlike an apartment, the maintenance and upkeep of your home will be solely your responsibility. Unless you are renting the house, you will manage everything: from purchasing appliances and light fixtures, to fixing holes in the wall and painting. Of course, for most maintenance projects, you have the option of doing it yourself or hiring a professional to come in and complete the job. Either way, you bear the weight of making sure it gets done to your satisfaction. 

You will also be responsible for yard upkeep, such as mowing the grass, landscaping, and keeping your sidewalks free of debris, snow, and leaves. As your home and property age, you’ll need to do regular maintenance. This will ensure that the home is safe to live in, and that the property is safe for your family and anyone who may come on your property. 

The roof and gutters will also require routine checks and maintenance. Be sure to clean out your gutters regularly so that they can effectively collect rainwater and direct it away from your house. Failure to do so can result in water damage and structural damage.

Utilities in Your Long Island Home

In your apartment, utilities may have been included, or at least partially covered by your renter’s agreement. When you own your own home, you will be responsible to set up and pay for heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, and internet services. These will add to the cost of home ownership, so be sure to add them to your monthly budget. 

Cleaning Your Long Island Home

Finally, when you own a larger home, you will have a larger area to clean. Consider the added time and cost of cleaning supplies when you plan to clean the house on short notice.

Looking for a Real Estate Agent on Long Island?

Moving out of a NYC apartment to your first home on Long Island is an exciting adventure! I am here to help you each step of the way. Whether you have just begun to search for your first home, or you have already found it, I hope these tips are useful to you. If you need support at any time throughout the process, contact me today!



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